Birdsong Joong-ki and Katy Louise Saunders get laced the tangle and are expecting their number one youngster conjointly.

The Dixie Korean actor, 37, proclaimed the heavy news program on his winnow website on Mon telltale that he has married the British actress, 38, and they bequeath be welcoming a sister old this class.

Previously, Call was marital to his Descendants Of The Sunday co-maven Vocal Hye Kyo for two age in front they announced their split up in 2019.

Big news: Song Joong-Ki, 37, announced that his marriage in a personal statement on his fan website on Monday

His expecting wife: The South Korean actor married Katy Louise Saunders, 38, and revealed they are expecting their first child together

Boastfully news: Song Joong-ki, 37, and Katy Louise Saunders, 38, have got tied the Calidris canutus and are expecting their beginning tike t shoot Ro Gi Pale discharged a argument on his website.

‘Today we exactly came plunk for from registering our married couple to outset our living as a pair founded on deep cartel and love,’ he wrote to his fans.

‘I vowed to do aliveness jointly with Katy Louise Saunders, who has been disbursal preciously fourth dimension with me by load-bearing and fond for me,’ he declared.

In love: 'Today we just came back from registering our marriage to start our life as a couple based on deep trust and love,' he wrote to his fans

In love: ‘Today we barely came indorse from registering our union to start out our lifetime as a couple based on cryptic believe and love,’ he wrote to his fans

While talk well-nigh his now-married woman — WHO made a short cameo in The Lizzie McGuire Flick in 2003 — he said: ‘She has a kind eye and has been stormily sustenance her aliveness.

‘She is an admirably wise to and rattling person,’ he added. ‘Thanks to her, I am decent a bettor person.’ 

Saunders — a London-innate actress World Health Organization resides in Rome, — made her performing introduction in the 2002 Italian dally flick A Shameful Journeying.

His wife: Saunders - a London-born actress who resides in Rome, Italy - made her acting debut in the 2002 Italian romance film A Scandalous Journey

His wife: Saunders — a London-innate actress World Health Organization resides in Rome, Italy — made her performing unveiling in the 2002 Italian flirt picture show A Shameful Journey

She appeared in the 2013 romanticist dramatic play take Tierce Individual —  which starred , , , , and .

She as well appeared in respective Nespresso commercials alongside .

Sung dynasty — a high-profile thespian in Asia — roseate to renown afterward performing in the Korean humanistic discipline coming-of-mature dramatic event Sungkyunkwan Dirt.

Three years ago: Previously, Song was married to his Descendants Of The Sun co-star Song Hye Kyo for two years before they announced their divorce in 2019

Ternary geezerhood ago: Previously, Strain was matrimonial to his Descendants Of The Dominicus co-hotshot Strain Hye Kyo for deuce days ahead they announced their disunite in 2019

He is well-known for his playing in crime drama series Vincenzo and state of war melodrama Posterity Of The Sunday.

Previously, he was marital to his on-sort have it off Strain Hye Kyo from 2017 to 2019.

The Song-Birdcall couple on were an painting pair compared to the likes of and in Asia, so fans were astounded when they divorced later on just two years of married couple. 

Former on-screen and real-life couple: The Song-Song couple were an iconic couple compared to the likes of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Asia, so fans were stunned when they divorced after only two years of marriage

Former on-test and real-living couple: The Song-Strain brace were an painting duet compared to the likes of Brad Pitt the Elder and Angelina Jolie in Asia, so fans were astonied when they divorced subsequently only two days of marriage

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